About Us

Why a tiny home?


There are many different reasons people own tiny homes. Some want to downsize and lower their living expenses, so they can enjoy their free time more. Some buy it as a vacation home they can take with them, offering a variety of vacation destinations. Some people want an extra space for guests, in-laws, or children who have not moved out yet.

Whatever your reason for buying a tiny home, we will help you customize your tiny home so that it is unique to you and meets all your space requirements.

Quality Materials and Service
Here at Granite State Tiny Homes, we search out to find the best products at the best prices. This allows us to create a well built, quality product at an affordable price for our customers. We can customize any of our models to include the materials you desire.  Once you tour our homes, you will be impressed with the quality of materials and appliances.  We design and build all of our models, whereas many other companies hire builders. By doing both, we are able to pass the savings along to our customers ensuring they get the quality and design they desire.